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Pond Supplies

We carry a wide range of pond installation and maintenance products from liners, pumps, and filters, to bacteria and pond plant fertilizer. We specialize in Aquascape, Inc. pond products.


A number of large holding tanks house our tadpoles, snails, goldfish, shubunkins, comets, and the jewels of the watergarden, koi.

Pond Plants

Our plant tables are overflowing with hardy and tropical marginal plants, floating water hyacinth and water lettuce,  submerged oxygenators, waterlilies, and lotus.

Grafted Conifers

If you are looking for distinct and unusual grafted conifers to use as focal points or to add to existing landscapes, then stop in to see our selection.


Why plant annuals year after year. We have perennials in many different sizes, textures, and colors for sunny spots or shady nooks.  Perennials are the answer.

Trees and Shrubs​

We have limited numbers of balled and burlapped trees, potted trees and ornamental shrubs to accent your landscape.

Please inquire about items that we may not have, but could special order for you.

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